Self-Adhering Stainless Steel Flexible Window & Door Pans

There are four essential characteristics of pan flashing:

  1. The pan flashing surface is a durable waterproof material that provides a continuous water barrier without holes, tears or wrinkles that could retain water in the opening.
  2. The pan flashing has a back dam or positive slope to direct water to the outside of the wall.
  3. The pan flashing has end dams at the sides to prevent water from moving latarally into the wall.
  4. The pan flashing laps over the drainage plane beneath the opening.

*Quote from “Pan Flashing for Exterior Wall Openings” by Building Science Corporation


 Rigid SS

Takes weeks to come in, expensive, must retro fit, labor intensive

York 304

Thin, flexible, durable, superior puncture and tear, seamless end dams, ease of installation, self-adhering butyl adhesive, Type 316 available for costal applications

Widths available

4’’, 6’’, 9’’, 12’’, 18’’, 24” and 36’’

Self-Adhering Stainless Steel Flashing Window & Door Pans

  1.  Measure windows and cut the flashing including the end dam height.

2.  Fold flashing top proper height and pinch, fold & turn corner into end dam.  Openings can be flashed with either a one piece or two piece system.

3.  Put a small piece of flashing, that is cut into a bow tie shape, in each corner.

4.  Remove release liner and press flashing into place.

5.  Cut at the corner and press flashing into place.

6.  Completed pan flashing installation.