York MaxSeal is a proprietary, self-adhering 14 mil composite membrane that provides a superior barrier to limit air and moisture transmission through masonry, curtain walls, construction joints and fittings, and around doors and windows.  Composed of :

• Tough high density polypropylene film – forming a resilient barrier to physical damage
• Butyl adhesive – providing the waterproofing effectiveness of traditional modified bitumen products, while introducing a novel combination of low temperature adhesion, high temperature stability, and a much more aggressive adhesion level
• Easy to remove release liner – allowing for quick installation

Key Properties

  • Butyl Adhesive for Superior Adhesion
  • Primerless Self-Adhering Membrane
  • Cross Laminated Poly Facer For Tear Resistance
  • Meets AAMA 711-13 specifications for self-adhered flashing
  • Waterproof

Uses / Benefits

  • Aggressively adheres to common building materials. Acceptable surfaces include plywood, lumber, precast concrete, exterior gypsum, OSB, PVC window flanges, metal, and concrete block.
  • Self seals around nails
  • Thin construction to avoid bulky build up in corners
  • Air and water tight seal
  • Primer not required – saves labor and material costs
  • Non-staining, contains no asphalt
  • No special adhesives, heat or equipment are necessary to install York MaxSeal.

Available in Sizes

4", 6", 9" & 12" Widths
50' Lengths

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