York HomeSeal™ is a proprietary, self-adhering composite membrane, uniquely combining high strength, low temperature adhesion and high temperature stability into a superior barrier to limit air and moisture transmission.  A tough 5mil (0.1mm) high density polyethylene film forms a resilient barrier to physical damage.  The 20 mils (0.9mm) of proprietary, modified asphalt offers the waterproofing effectiveness of traditional modified bitumen products while introducing a novel combination of low temperature adhesion and high temperature stability.

York HomeSeal™ is self-adhering and cold-applied.  No special adhesive, heat or equipment are necessary to install York HomeSeal™.

Key Properties

  • Superior Adhesion
    - Self-adhesive nature allows for easy installation on concrete, masonry, gypsum, steel and wood substrates.
  • Rubberized Asphalt
  • Cross laminated poly facer for tear resistance
  • Low temperature adhesion
  • High temperature stability
  • Individually packaged and bar coded

Uses / Benefits

  • Window and Door Tape
  • Window and Door Pan
  • Jamb Closer Flashing
  • Transition Membrane
  • Roof to Parapet Flashing
  • Curtain Wall Perimeter Flashing
  • Repair tape for flashing, air barriers, etc.

Available in Sizes

75' Rolls
4", 6", 9" & 12" Widths

Associated Products / Accessories