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York’s 2018 AIA presentation:

Through-Wall Flashing Compatibility Sustainability and Performance

Understanding the performance characteristics, the recycled/recyclable content, ability to survive installation, and life cycle costs of the different through-wall flashing materials.

  • AIA course rated HSW
  • GBCI CMP for LEED Professionals
  • Composition of each type of flashing and their effects on sustainabliity and life cycle costs.
  • Have a better understanding of how to specify through-wall flashings and avoid compatibility issues.
  • Understand the performance characteristics different types of commonly used cavity wall materials and how to create a reslient flashing system.
  • Recognize necessary accessories and challenges of installation.

Presenter Qualifications
York’s Sales reps are experienced construction professionals. Their qualifications include formal manufacturer training and field experience.

Flashing Selection Outline

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